Water Damage Restoration San Francisco Bay Area

Water Damage Restoration San Francisco Bay Area

Only One Expert Water Damage Restoration Service Lays between Your Home’s Look after a Disaster and The Way You Want It to Look!

If you have been suffering the severe consequences of a natural disaster or a major unexpected home leak, then our service is just what you need to book in order to get back your hope that your home may easily look the way it did before, if not even better!

The focus of our post today, will be on a commercial water damage restoration job that we did for a small hotel in San Francisco and Bay Area about a month ago. By looking at the pictures, you can easily see that is was definitely a heavy-duty task for which plenty of powerful professional dehumidifying and water extraction equipment was needed.

You want to know how we did it? Well, we won’t tell you our secrets, of course but will surely share some tips!

What was the equipment which GCD Restoration used to perform the job?

  • Dehumidifiers that are able to remove more than 20 gallons of water daily from wet rugs/carpets, carpet pads, floors and walls, as well as from other porous surfaces that can collect moisture and grow mold
  • Portable desiccant dehumidifiers which have great water removal capacity and can fit small spaces
  • Sub-surface water-extraction tools
  • Durable air movers which possess balanced airflow characteristics
  • Floor dryers with portable extractors for carpet, vinyl, hardwood, and tile floors
  • Wet foggers for open-area and sub-surface deodorizing/disinfecting and odor control
  • High efficiency advanced air filtration scrubbers
  • Thermal imaging camera

As for the supplies used, we needed a package of drywall saws, filters, hard surface floor and wall mask rolls, etc.

Luckily, the water which GCD Restoration had to extract in this case was from Category 1 (liquids from clean or sanitary sources, such as drinking fountains, faucets, and toilet tanks) but our team is also fully-equipped and professionally trained to conduct Category 2 and 3 contaminated water removal.

To book moisture inspection or mold testing now and find out whether you need to book a water damage restoration service for your property in San Francisco and Bay Area, you’d better dial (650) 835 4447 and reach our customer care department! Our specialists there are prepared to answer all of your questions and schedule the type of appointment you need!

For further recommendations and more pictures from our water damage service portfolio, do not hesitate to contact GCD Restoration 24/7!

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