Water Damage Repair


water damage repair

Water. It’s a necessary part of life. Over 70% of the world’s surface is covered in water. Humans are made up of anywhere between 60% to 70% water. The invention of indoor plumbing means that the average household can use about 80 to 100 gallons of water every single day.

However, its capacity for damage is as large as its capacity for good. Water can be catastrophic if it begins to damage your home, office building, or other property.

The grand canyon was solid rock carved into a canyon by the force of the Colorado River over 5 million years ago. In damp places, from a tree wet with rain to a house with a leaky roof, water can allow mold and other spores to grow at an unbelievable rate, from 24 to 48 hours.

It’s no wonder that everyday household water leaks or overflows can cause so much damage. In residential and commercial buildings, water can cause several issues that could cause health and safety risks as well as major property damage if left unrepaired. Not only can unrepaired water damage cause dangerous structural issues that could compromise the integrity of your home or building, but the spreading of water through leaks or flooding can also allow unhealthy mold and other spores to grow and reproduce, which can then contaminate the air, causing serious health risk to anyone who enters the building.

So, no matter how small the water damage on your property seems, remember that preventative measures are always the best choice. Delaying flood damage repair will lead to greater loss of property and greater damage.


Water damage is often tricky to address because it can cause widespread damage over a short period of time. Finding the source cause of the water is essential in water damage repair, as well as is taking the proper preventative measures to stop the water spread from occurring in the future.

Here are just some of the many factors that could contribute to or be the cause of residential or commercial water damage repairs:

  • leaking roof
  • clogged toilet or sink
  • washing machine overflow or malfunction
  • broken dishwasher hose or overflow
  • hidden moisture behind walls
  • foundation cracks
  • broken or leaky water pipes
  • extreme weather damage, such as from heavy, wet snow, hail storms, or continuous rainfall

Whether your home or building has a small leak or wet spot on the ceiling or a bigger problem such as flooding or a cracked foundation, it’s essential that you prevent further damage by calling GCD Restoration as soon as you notice damage!


Water and flood damage can be caused by many different factors, as discussed above. Yet sometimes certain water damage issues are not immediately apparent. Here are some of the main signs and issues of water damage. Water and flood damage repair services are most effective when the water damage is caught early.

Some of the issues and consequences of water damage are:

  • dripping ceilings
  • bowled walls
  • stained spots or areas on walls or ceiling
  • mold on the ceiling, walls, carpet, or furniture (or a musty smell, which could signal hidden mold)
  • peeling or bubbling paint on the walls
  • cracks along the top or bottom of the wall
  • soggy spots in the carpet
  • warped flooring tiles or wood panels

When you find one or more of these issues, you should start to search for the source of the water. If you can find the place where it seems to be originating, use towels or buckets to contain or slow the damage, then schedule an appointment with a professional water damage repair company as soon as possible.water damage restoration

At GCD Restoration, our team is made up of experienced specialists who can help to quickly assess, identify, and stop the damage at its source and restore your property to its former state.

Our water damage repair services include:

  • Water Damage Safety Inspections

First, we use advanced water sensing technology such as probes and other infrared tools to assess the damage and assess the structural safety of your home or building.

  • Furniture Packing & Moving

This important step in the cleaning and removal process ensures that your furniture is safe during the water damage restoration process. We don’t charge extra for this service!

  • Moisture Detection

Before removing the water, our team will use various moisture detectors and hygrometers to inspect the damaged areas and ensure that we clean and remove the water from every affected area of your building.

  • Professional Water Removal

Our professional cleaners will use submersible and gas-powered pumps to remove all high-level water, then use other water extraction and steam-cleaning equipment to restore your carpets, walls, and ceilings their former state of cleanliness.

  • Drying

After the water has been removed and the cause of the water resolved or repaired, our team uses industrial-grade dehumidifiers and high-powered dryers to effectively air out and dry your home or building.

  • Cleaning & Sanitizing

We’ll also perform a complete cleaning and sanitizing procedure with every water damage restoration service we offer. We’ll remove any odors, waste, or staining caused by the water damage. Our job isn’t done until your property is clean and fresh again!

Ready to restore your residential or commercial building after water damage or flood damage? Don’t wait! Call GCD Restoration at (650) 835-4447 today!

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