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Sewage Cleanup and Restoration in San Francisco

When your toilet or other drain backs up and causes a sewage overflow, not only is it a truly stressful and disgusting situation, but it also is cause for major health concern. When sewage overflows or floods your home or commercial building, it can cause a very dangerous environment because of all the bacteria and viruses contained in the sewage.

A sewer backup is a time for action! Don’t wait to call for immediate emergency sewage clean up services! At GCD Restoration, we offer 24/7 emergency water damage restoration and sewage clean up services so you can prevent further property damage and contamination.


As much as we all hate to think about sewage flooding our homes or businesses, it’s important to be prepared by educating yourself about the causes of sewage overflow or flooding.

  • septic tank backup
  • clogged sewer line
  • toilet backup or overflow
  • sink or bathtub backup
  • drain backup
  • leaking sewer or drain pipe
  • sewer system clog

Because there are so many different potential causes for sewage backup, you may need to hire a septic specialist, plumber, or another specialist in addition to a sewage cleanup crew. Sometimes, the backup is a citywide problem, resulting in a clog from the city sewer system. Unfortunately, San Francisco’s old city sewer system is very susceptible to sewage backups.

If you experience a sewage overflow, you should call the San Francisco sewage department to inquire if it’s a citywide issue.

If it’s an issue between your own septic tank and plumbing or between your property and the city sewer system, you will need to call a plumber or specialist to clear the line on your property.

However, no matter why your building needs sewer clean up services, it’s vital to remember that a sewer or septic backup is a real threat to your building and your health and that immediate action is the best way to prevent further contamination.


While you may be tempted to try to handle or contain the sewage problem yourself, leave the clean up to professionals like our experienced sewage clean up team at GCD Restoration. Without proper technique and protection, you could expose yourself to a number of harmful bacteria or viruses, including E. coli, Hepatitis A, salmonella, and dysentery.

There are three types or categories of contaminated water:

Category 1 –

This water is clear and usually comes from a water pipe or a leaky sink. You won’t find it if your water damage is actually caused by a sewage spill.

Category 2 –

This water is grey in color and could contain harmful bacteria that can cause you to become sick.

Category 3 –

This water is black and is often saturated with chemicals, microbes, and other harmful things. Category 3 water is usually what comes from a sewer backup and is very dangerous.

Do not enter the rooms that have been contaminated by the sewage if possible and always wear a protective mask, boots, and rubber gloves when around the mess. Call sewage cleanup professionals like GCD Restoration right away so we can get started cleaning up as soon as possible!


When we arrive at your home or building, we’ll get to work immediately, assessing the situation and taking every step to minimize the risk of spreading toxins, contaminants, and other pathogens. 

  • Water Extraction

We’ll use an industrial-grade sewage pump, along with other safe cleaning tools, to remove the bulk of the sewage.

  • Cleaning & Decontamination

After we remove the sewage, our expert team will get to work cleaning carpets, flooring, and furniture. At GCD Restoration, we have professional carpet cleaner machines and high-grade disinfectants to clean your floors and upholstery. Some carpeting and furniture may need to be removed and replaced if they’ve been too damaged by the sewage waste. In that case, our team can remove the affected carpeting and furniture and dispose of it properly for you.

  • Water Damage Repair

After removing sewage waste, your home or building may show signs of water damage related to the sewage backup. Our professional clean up service members will deodorize and inspect for mold and other fungus growth so we can take the appropriate steps.

With our efficient water damage repair and sewage cleanup process, you can be sure that your home will be completely restored, dry, and clean. So, if your home or commercial building is flooded due to a sewage leak, backup, or overflow, don’t hesitate to call us at (650) 835-4447!

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