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Sewage waste is meant to stay in the sewer and GCD Restoration makes it stay there. If you are having issues with a sewer backup or overflow you need immediate professional assistance. Such cases are a serious health hazard and a reason for concern – it’s a time for action, give us a call and get immediate sewage clean up intervention.

Keep Away And Stay Clear – Let The Experts Deal With The Mess

Since city wide clogs are not that uncommon, a back up in the system may occur from time to time. Biggest reason is due to South City’s fault line location. Frequent earthquakes may also cause issues with proper sewage dispelling. Sewage is considered toxic waste, and the treatment of home or business flooding requires special preparations.

It’s advisable, if you experiencing sewage overflows, that you should check with the San Francisco Sewage Department to inquire if it’s a citywide issue or a local occurrence. This information is vital for a proper sewage back up treatment and will be instrumental in dealing with the issues properly and in a timely manner.

Regardless what the reason for the backup may be, consider sewer spillage a no-contact situation due to the presence of noxious gasses, bacteria and pathogens. It’s important to treat a sewer or septic backup as a real threat to your building and your health. Immediate action is the best way to prevent further contamination.

24 Hour Emergency Service

GCD Restoration offers 24/7 emergency water damage restoration and sewage clean up services for the entirety of South San Francisco. There’s no need to sit and wait!

Don’t worry about your insurance coverage or dealing with the issue personally, stay away from the hazardous fumes and spewage and leave it for us to deal with.

Aging plumbing and sewage is one of the main reasons for sewage backup or clogging.

We love San Francisco, but it’s an old city and its plumbing system is aging regardless of how fabulous the skyline may be.

If you find yourself in a similar situation it’s advised to call a plumber or a septic specialist. To receive a full sewage backup cleaning, call GCD Restoration.

What Causes Sewage Backups?

As much as we all hate to think about sewage flooding our homes or businesses, it’s important to be prepared by educating yourself about the causes of sewage overflow or flooding. Here is what could cause such an issue:

  • Septic tank backup
  • Clogged sewer line
  • Toilet backup or overflow
  • Sink or bathtub backup
  • Drain backup
  • Leaking sewer or drain pipe
  • Sewer system clog

Health Concerns & Safety Measures

While you may be tempted to try to handle or contain the sewage problem yourself, leave the clean up to professionals like our experienced sewage clean up team at GCD Restoration. Without proper technique and protection, you could expose yourself to a number of harmful bacteria or viruses, including E. coli, Hepatitis A, salmonella, and dysentery.

There are three categories of contaminated water:

Category 1: Clear Water

This water is clear and usually comes from a water pipe or a leaky sink. You won’t find white water it if your water damage is actually caused by a sewage spill.

Category 2: Grey Water

This water is grey in color and could contain harmful bacteria that can cause you to become sick. It’s considered low to medium on the danger scale. Keep in mind that such an issue can also be caused by a city-wide problem, though it is a rare to occur.

Category 3: Black Water

This water is black and is often saturated with chemicals, microbes, and other harmful things. Category 3 waste water is usually what comes from a sewer backups and is considered very dangerous. There are toxic fumes which can cause severe respiratory issues including a poisoning of the blood and even nerve damage.

Do not enter rooms that have been contaminated by the sewage if possible. Always wear a protective mask with a respirator, boots, and rubber gloves when in eyesight of the contaminated area. Call sewage cleanup professionals like GCD Restoration right away so we can get started cleaning up as soon as possible!

With our efficient water damage repair and sewage cleanup process, you can be sure that your home will be completely restored, dry, and clean. So, if your home or commercial building is flooded due to a sewage leak, backup, or overflow, don’t hesitate to call us at (650) 835-4447!

Sewage Clean Up Services And Practices

With first arrival on sight, after receiving the necessary information, we’ll get to work immediately! We assess the situation and take every step to minimize the risk of spreading toxins, contaminants, and other pathogens. It’s important that you take precaution and wear protective gear, a respirator and latex outerwear in order to avoid personal contamination.

The process of sewage backup cleanup can be summarized in 3 steps, with other supplementary procedures being carried out to fully deal with the unpleasant situation. As one of the prominent San Francisco sewage companies, our aim is to quickly deal with the nasty circumstances and restore your life back to normal.

Rain water floods entire garden - drainage problems

Sewage Extraction

We’ll use an industrial-grade sewage pump, along with other safe cleaning tools to remove the bulk of the sewage. This step contains the contamination and acts as sewage flooding mitigation so the restoration and clean up can continue.

Cleaning & Decontamination

After we remove the sewage, our trained sewage clean up specialists will get to work cleaning carpets, flooring, and furniture. GCD Restoration uses professional carpet cleaning machines and high-grade disinfectants to clean floors and upholstery.

Some carpeting and furniture may need to be removed and replaced if they’ve been too damaged by the sewage waste. In that case, our team can remove the contaminated furniture and dispose of it properly for you. Free of Charge!

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Repair

After removing sewage waste, your home or building may show signs of water damage related to the sewage backup. Our professional clean up service members will deodorize and inspect for mold and fungal growth so we can take the appropriate steps if necessary.

When asking yourself “What is the best sewage cleanup near me?” you should always look for a local company. Locally operation services near you will be well aware of any circumstances which are particularly typical for your local area.

They will be well versed in dealing with these situations because most likely they do it all the time. You will not only be stimulating the local economy, but will also be getting a specialized sewage removal service designed for your particular area of San Francisco.

This is not to say that sewage cleaning services from other areas are not versed in dealing with local issues, it’s just a matter of experience and specialization.

Bay Area Districts We Provide Full Sewage Clean Up For

You’d also be glad to know that we also provide a wide range of additional water damage services:

  • Emergency Flood Repair
  • Residential and Industrial Clean Up
  • Comprehensive Cleaning Packages
To put a long story short
  • Notify authorities of your issue
  • Learn if it’s a city wide issue or a local problem
  • Call a plumber and GCD Restoration

And most importantly – stay away from toxic waste gasses.

We’ve been around for a decade now, and with our fast expanding enterprise, we expand our range of services and coverage.

Our full sewage clean up service coverage can be received in:

  • San Bruno;
  • Colma;
  • Brisbane;
  • Daly City;
  • Hillsborough;
  • Burlingame;
  • San Mateo;
  • Westlake;
  • Serramonte;
  • Visitacion Valley.

GCE Restoration will expand its water damage repair and restoration efforts to all of San Francisco, San Jose and the entirety of the Bay Area, expect us near you in the near future.

GCDRestoration’s sewage clean-up service covers the full extraction of black water, dehumidification and disinfection of any property which has been affected by a sewage spill.

Since black and grey water carry diseases and bacteria like e-coli and brain eating ameba, our first priority is to fully remove any remnants or a sewage spill. After that we sanitize and clean anything which has come into contact – we also provide furniture and item removal.

The time period for full sewage spill removal depends. How long it takes really depends on the amount of spillage, the nature of the spillage, what has been affected and how much of the property requires restoration.

If the contamination is contained to a small area – 1 to 3 days, if the issue is larger – 7 to 10 days. This service is important due to the hazardous nature of the source, and despite the best efforts of our professionals, safety is more important than speed.

Black water is a term used to described heavily contaminated water or sewage run-off. This is a grading which describes the source of the contamination and entails it’s danger and how it should be treated.

Gray water is sink or washing machine run-off which does have some hazardous bacteria and chemicals in it, but is not considered deadly. White water is your run of the mill fresh water source flooding.

Yes, we provide short notice help within 30 minutes of your call – 24/7 364 days a week. Due to the dangerous nature of sewage back-ups and run-offs,’s technical teams don’t waste any time.

It’s our goal to ensure the security and safety of our community members, so we take this very seriously and will respond regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

It might be due to a localized problem with your property or a more global issue with the city’s network. San Francisco is a beautiful but old city and some of its infrastructure is not up to date yet, this may cause bottlenecks which may lead to a plug or sewage problem.

Call a plumber who can deal with the issue of the cause while we deal with the clean up.

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