Pet Odor and Urine Removal Services in San Francisco, CA


Pet smells and odors can be one of the most off-putting parts of owning an animal, while we do love them, we rarely love the messes they can leave behind. Due to the nature of noxious odors, you can find it to be extremely difficult to get rid off with household products – this is why there are companies like GCD Restoration who specialize in Pet Odor Removal for domestic and commercial clients.


Pet urine removal services in San Francisco & Bay area | GCD RestorationWe provide odor source inspections and removal from carpets, walls and subflooring, it is a smart, affordable way of refreshing your home and making it a much more pleasant place. If you are experiencing unpleasant odors from an unknown source, it is paramount that you give our professional odor removal team a call so we can act as quickly as possible.

Urine moisture and odor can be stuck in your home for quite a while if you don’t use expert cleaning help immediately after stain has appeared accidentally, you might be stuck with this smell for quite a while. This is a vital service for both tenants and land lords, property managers and commercial lenders – we provide an odor free property after only 2 visits – 1 inspection and 1 cleaning.


The smell in pet pee is a result of the bacteria it carries and it’s feeding and digestion process of the enzymes found in urine. As it’s decomposed and digested by the bacteria, a byproduct of this process is the unpleasant smell.

A pet mess that has not been instantly cleaned will bind with your carpet fibers which will create a harmful, ammonia-filled layer that will bleach or stain your carpets and provoke strong unpleasant odors. An encounter with pet pee and other messes can cause skin irritation, allergies and the accumulation of harmful bacteria on your skin – prevent this and call our pet odor removal specialists.


Pet odor removal in San Francisco & Bay area | GCD RestorationOur cleaning techniques and ICCRC certified experts use only advanced organic pet stain removers designed for the complete and harmless removal of pet odor and messes without harming your valuable carpets, rugs, upholstery or other types of furniture. We use organic detergents and cleaning solutions to separate the chemical bond between the pet mess and the fibers of your carpets, the release is quick and fabric safe.

We endorse a safe working and living environment and utilize only pet and child safe solutions to your household or commercial problems. In cases of Hoarding or Extreme Hoarding, we utilize our full arsenal of specialized equipment and cleaning solutions, so if you are a property manager and are looking for a reasonable solution to your problem, our South City based branch will be your savior.

We provide fill coverage for the entire San Francisco and Bay Area, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, national holidays, no limitations, just give us a heads up and contact us – we’ll be there to deal with the mess.

We believe you’d benefit from our professional services, which include:

  • Not extra charge for emergency pet odor and urine removal calls.
  • Powerful and pet friendly odor detection and removal detergents which fully extract the odors rather than mask them – we do a full house sweet to find the problem and fundamentally remove it.
  • We provide a protective solution to an already cleaned flooring surface, both hardwood and carpeted areas, it seals the top layer of your flooring and stabilizes it chemically, providing a moisture and water barrier in repeated pet accidents.

If sub-floors are also affected with pet odors and need to be sealed, our experts will provide a comprehensive report on how it can be done. In addition we will provide good pricing on carpet replacement through one of our partnered carpeting store locations on San Francisco, so you can enjoy preferential prices on sub-floor and carpet replacement.

Sometimes carpet replacement may not be necessary, instead look towards saving money with a professional’s guaranteed odor removal service like GCD Restoration. Call us now at (650) 835 4447, and rid your home or commercial building from pet odors and messes.

Service you might find worth booking in conjunction with Pet Odor Removal Services:


Since 2020 we also provide full service coverage for the follow areas:

  • San Bruno;
  • Colma;
  • Brisbane;
  • Daly City;
  • Hillsborough;
  • Burlingame;
  • San Mateo;
  • Westlake;
  • Serramonte;
  • Visitacion Valley.

We deal with a wide range of projects and problem areas, especially with hording. In hard cases where prolonged exposure to pet urine and messes has left a mark on a floor surface, it might required that the floor be entirely removed and deodorized – this is where we come in.

We use strong disinfectants to remove the odor producing bacteria from the floor boards.

Yes, we can. The only difference between removing pet urine from a carpet and a couch is its location. Down to its core, this service deals with urine extraction from fibers – the location of said fibers is only a fine detail.

The method we use for furniture cleaning, however, is a lot more different than the one used on floors – it’s more gentle and accommodating for the gentle fibers of upholstered surfaces.

In general, yes you can. However, the service itself is specialized towards dealing with the bacteria which pet urine produces, which is actually the cause for its bad smell.

The ammonia levels in the urine of different animals produce different environments for a variety of bacteria which feed on the substances found in said urine. This produces the olfactory sensation which some of us are so familiar with.

In terms of the byproduct of the territorial dispute, yes we can. This is our bread and butter, after all started out as a cleaning service so our roots are based in that business.

As we carry our experience from our beginnings, we can accommodate any situations of pet odors and urine accumulation on any type of surface, from wood, fiber to synthetic materials – no problem.

Quite often. It’s nothing to be ashamed off, pets are a part of our family and sometimes they have accidents or get territorial, especially if a new family member is introduced and they need to assert dominance. 

We have more than 500 cases each month, all in different parts of San Francisco, so we are quite used to the smells which pet urine produces. Our teams are well versed in the process of pet odor and urine removal and we can fully accommodate your needs.

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