The first signs of the appearance of mold on windows

The first signs of the appearance of mold on windows

One of the symptoms of the appearance of mold on windows or biological corrosion in construction is usually a persistent unpleasant musty smell in a room that persists despite systematic airing. Initially, in the presence of fungus or mold - window slopes, walls - there are spots of different colors (from white to dark brown). Then the paint coating cracked, the plaster fell off and the wallpaper fell behind.

Why does mold appear?

Several factors contribute to the process of mold appearance:

1. Increased humidity. The humidity level is overestimated where the air circulation is disturbed and water is present. In the bathroom, for example, the reason is often wet towels, curled after water curtains. All this prevents rapid drying and significantly increases humidity. Also, the source of humidity can be houseplants. Their constant watering creates evaporation of moisture. Do not abuse the air humidifier.
2. Mustiness. Regular airing is a necessary procedure in every place where people are. In conditions of stagnant air, the fungus spreads with tremendous speed.
3. Increased temperature. This is the third favorite condition of the fungus. It is in a warm, humid room with poor ventilation that the mold will develop almost instantaneously.
4. Leaking windows


It is necessary to understand that it is not enough to wash the mold on the windows. The solution of the problem should be a comprehensive approach with elimination of the causes of its appearance and the observance of preventive measures in the future. The process of struggle begins with the diagnosis of the cause of mold formation on slopes, double-glazed windows and window sills. Most often this is a failure to comply with the temperature and humidity conditions in the room and poor quality installation of the structure.

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