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24/7 Emergency Floor Maintenance Help Right Next Door with the Services of GCD Restoration in San Francisco and Bay Area!

For some high-traffic flooring surfaces daily cleaning is not enough to keep them looking spotless and well-maintained. Optimal cleaning results can sometimes be achieved only with the expert help of a cleaning contractor like GCD Restoration!

Is it possible to increase the longevity of your floors through regular floor care performed with organic non-toxic products?

GCD Restoration - Floor care service in San FranciscoGreen cleaning can bring plenty of benefits to your floors. It all depends on the cleaning methods used. With GCD Restoration, you can take advantage of the following:

  • High-speed professional gloss polishing. This one is used mostly for cleaning the floors of the high-traffic areas in commercial properties. GCD Restoration has high-speed floor polishing machines that can do this type of job faster than anyone else offering such services.
  • Floor waxing & sealing. Floor buffing with specialty polishing products is a guaranteed recipe for reaching satisfactory cleaning results.
  • Honing. This cleaning method is suitable for restoring floors which have been scratched or etched (usually stone or marble surfaces). If you want to be able to see your reflection in the flooring surface after getting it cleaned, this is the flooring maintenance method to choose.
  • Restoration of hardwood floors. Solid traditional wooden floors, unlike the modern laminated wood floors that imitate this classic look, need to be stripped and waxed occasionally. GCD Restoration is again the most skillful contractor in San Francisco and Bay Area to perform this service!
  • Floor care service in San FranciscoTile and grout power washing. The porous nature of grout allows it to absorb a lot of dirt, limescale, grease, as well as bacteria, and transfer it to your tiles. If you want to avoid tile discoloration caused by cleaning of mold and mildew from your tiles, book a floor care service with our company. We use organic cleaning solvents and the power of steam instead of acid-formulated shampoos and scrubbing soaps.

Restore the original glow and colors of your flooring surfaces by booking a flooring maintenance appointment with GCD Restoration! We serve the San Francisco and Bay Area, and have emergency cleaning teams available 24/7! Our stain removal methods are powerful and our cleaners experienced to perform tile and grout cleaning, marble cleaning, as well as s trip and wax cleaning of hardwood floors!

Our cleaning services can extend the lives of your floors!

To prevent flooring re-soiling and deterioration, dial (650) 835 444, and hire one of our well-trained cleaning teams! Our cleaning solutions are neutral pH balanced and can create a perfect finish for any type of flooring surface!


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