Emergency Flood Repair

Emergency Flood Repair Services

Whether your basement flooded, your toilet overflowed, your septic tank leaked, or your roof leaks because of a severe storm, when your home or business suffers water damage, it’s vital to address the problem as soon as possible! In the stress of dealing with a flooded home, the last thing you need to worry about is waiting several hours for a flood repair crew to arrive.

When a home disaster emergency strikes, there’s no time to wait to book a flood repair appointment, stay on hold, or call back during regular business hours. You need immediate help, no matter what time it is!

That’s why, here at GCD Restoration, we offer 24/7 emergency flood repair services. Our well-staffed business has crews of experienced water damage cleanup professionals on hand, ready to respond within 60 minutes or sooner after receiving your call! We work weekends and holidays as well as regular weekdays, so you don’t have to watch helplessly as your home and property are damaged.

Flood waits for no one, so we don’t either!

Whether you give us a frantic call in the middle of the night after being woken up by the sound of dripping, or call us during the week day with your emergency situation, we’ll be there and ready to help with our efficient and effective flood repair services. The sooner flood damage can be stopped and removed, the less damage your property will suffer.


Oftentimes, flood emergencies are things that you’ll notice in the moment: a burst or broken pipe or an overflowing toilet or tub. However, sometimes, disaster strikes while you’re away from home on a vacation or at work. Only when you get back home do you find that a storm has caused a leaky roof or that your dishwasher overflowed and there’s water all over the kitchen. Sometimes, the flood damage will occur because of another emergency situation. Many homeowners and business owners are left at a loss after a fire is put out and the efforts have left severe water damage.

Even if you only discover a flood damage emergency hours or days after it occurs, it’s still imperative that you call flood repair services as soon as possible! Stagnant water has many additional dangerous for both your property and your health, such as mold growth or harmful bacteria growth.


When you call GCD Restoration for an emergency flood repair service you’ll be greeted by a real customer support system team member, not a robot. You’ll be asked several questions regarding your emergency so we can dispatch a properly equipped team of flood repair and restoration experts to your building.

Some of the information you’ll be asked to provide includes:

  • your name, contact information, and address
  • whether you have insurance and what insurance plan you have if you do
  • whether you know the cause of the flooding and where the source is
  • when the flooding happened or started
  • whether you have working electricity or not at your address
  • whether you have safety measures in place and are out of danger

All these answers will give us the context and knowledge we need in order to best protect, clear, and disinfect your property after flooding.


At GCD Restoration, our flood repair emergency response specialists can assess your flood damage situation, then perform the proper water extraction and flood cleaning services. We’ll restore your home or business building to its original state of cleanliness and dryness as soon as possible with our fast and efficient crew. Our services include:

  • water extraction and flood removal
  • flood repair and restoration
  • professional dehumidification with industrial-grade equipment
  • mold testing
  • carpet and floor disinfection, cleaning, and drying
  • and more

We offer fast, reliable, and competitively-priced flood repairs and water damage restoration services so you can rest assured that when you call GCD Restoration, we’ll do everything we can to restore your home or business building after flooding.

So, when you notice a flood problem that needs to be dealt with immediately, give us a call at (650) 835-4447 and we’ll be there to help you resolve flood repair emergencies within sixty minutes of your call!

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