Dryer Vent Cleaning in San Francisco, CA


Keep your clothes well-dried and your laundry room cool with annual dryer vent cleaning – if last servicing date is later than 365 days immediate action is crucial for house fire prevention. GCD Restoration provides scheduled visits and professional dryer vent cleaning services and coverage for more than 19 area codes within the Greater San Francisco Area – get a hold of us and make you home safe.


Your dryer and dryer venting is prone to lint build up, it’s a natural effect of the drying process, but it can cause abnormal appliance behavior and electricity bill increase. Lint build up is a slow process and it takes many months before you notice any difference in appliance performance, this is why it’s important to have regularly scheduled maintenance with a certified service provide like GCD Restoration.

Although the process of lint build up is slow, overlooking annual cleaning and maintenance may result in serious problems. We’ve seen numerous cases of constant overheating, increased in energy consumption during operation, major appliance damage, or in extreme cases even floor joist fires.

Increase the safety of your home environment with a service which takes no longer than 2 hours to perform, decrease electricity bills and increase dryer efficiency!


Each dryer manufacturer has a recommended period of dryer vent cleaning based on the technical specification of the appliance. In cases where appliances are older, less energy-efficient models, with overheating issues, more frequent maintenance and cleaning inspections are recommended.

Out of safety concerns, cleaning sessions should be regular, skipping maintenance of clogged dryer vents may cause the following problems:

  • Clothes are not drying completely or they take longer to dry resulting in energy bill increase.
  • Moisture from wet clothes cannot void properly when dryer vents are clogged or vents have lint build-up, moisture stays inside – resulting in damp clothes.
  • Outside exhaust vent grade won’t open properly indicating low exhaust velocity.
  • Ambient dryer temperature is higher than manufacturer specifications due to higher frequency of necessary electric current to dry clothes load.
  • Dryer may even self-combust due to excessive heat if not turned off prematurely or if left unattended, because inevitable interior lint build-up.
  • Unpleasant smell of something burning will appear every time you run a drying cycle.
  • Laundry room is more humid than it usually and your noticing mold growth on space walls and ceiling.


Now and again you hear the words “black mold” and mildew thrown around, but in actually the occurrences of the toxic mold are rather rare, unless a heat component is introduced. In the case of a laundry room you have the perfect conditions of mycotoxicoses bearing fungal and mold growths which directly affect a person’s nervous system.

The result of a dryer vent clogging may be release of humid, warm air into the interior of the house, creating condensation on the walls after each drying cycle. All of this can be easily avoided if proper maintenance is performed, and with our good-value prices, you not only reduce the chances of a house fire due to lint build up to 0%, but you also remove the environment “black mold” loves the most.

There are also other issues which can occur due to dryer vent back-up like:

  • Clothes damage due to malfunctioning appliance
  • Issues with electrical currents in certain rooms
  • Electrical system overload or breaker switch damage
  • Reduced life of electrical and venting infrastructure

We recommend routine, annual dryer vents cleaning by service professionals like our GCD Restoration dryer lint cleaning specialists! There is also a lint trap filter cleaning discount if the dryer vent cleaning service is booked simultaneously, scheduled for the same day – kill two birds with one stone, now with full San Francisco and Bay Area coverage!

Get a personalized quite about your residential or commercial needs – dial (650) 835 4447 and our service coordinator will address any concerns or queries you might have regarding appliance specifications or maintenance scheduling.


To get the best value for dryer vent cleaning with GCD Restoration – all you need to do is book an additional service specialization like Carpet Cleaning or Interior Air Quality Test services. If booked as a stand-alone service, there is a minimum fee of $99 for a specialized service like the dryer vent cleaning service – get a better deal each day and save not only on electricity, but also on cleaning services as well.

Get your annual vent cleaning done by a servicing company with experience and a fixation for details – quality service guarantee with no call back fees.

Scenarios in which you might need Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is a service which deals with the accumulate lint in your dryer’s vent and acts as house fire prevention. This procedure requires the removal of the soft vent of the dryer and full access to the vent’s grates in order to fully clean any lint built-up, the process takes 1 hour and it will save you more than an increase electricity bill.

Yes it can be. Something so innocuous as lint can actually be quite dangerous for your property and it may even lead to a house fire.

The fine fibers of clothing, accumulated over time and the added heat and friction in the air vet are the perfect conditions for a fire. After all this is how survival specialists and military area trained to light fires in extreme situations, so this is a very much real threat.

Yes, one of the ways of dealing with this issue is to regularly clean the filters of the vent – every second cycle. The rate of fiber separation and build-up really depends on the type of fabrics you dry – wool and other braided materials like throw blankets are some of the most lint producing materials.

Another way of reducing this process is to separate the types of fabrics you are drying – natural materials like wool and Kashmir produce quite a lot of lint – use an air dryer or hang them in a room with good airflow.

The cost depends on the extent of the contamination, the number of vents and the last time you’ve had your vents cleaned. You will receive a reduction in price if you book this service alongside other services like air duct cleaning or mold or mildew removal.
Aside from a potential house fire, other effects include an increase in utilities, reduced appliance efficiency, appliance break malfunctions, moisture increase and mold growths in your laundry room. Dryers are not cheap, even the more affordable models are quite an investment for a family, so increasing its lifespan may save quite a lot of trouble and money.


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