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Keep your clothes well-dried and your laundry room cool with regular dryer vent cleaning performed by the professional team of GCD Restoration!

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Your dryer and dryer venting is prone to lint build up. Although the process is slow, failure to perform annual cleaning and maintenance may result in serious problems like constant overheating, increased energy consumption during operation, a major appliance damage, or it may even cause a fire. Stop exposing your family to fire or contamination hazards! GCD Restoration can help you clean the vents of your dryer in a timely and budget-friendly manner!

When and Why Getting the Vents of Your Dryer Cleaned?

Every dryer and dryer venting has a manufacturer recommended cleaning pattern which in most cases is every year. If the dryer you are using is an old less energy-efficient model that overheats easier, maintenance and cleaning inspection are recommended even more often!

Cleaning sessions should not be skipped because clogged dryer vents cause the following problems:

  • Your clothes are not drying completely or it takes them longer to dry which results in increased energy bills.
  • The moisture cannot exit the dryer when the vents are cleaned and will stay inside. This means that when the drying cycle is over, your clothes will be hot but still damp.
  • The outside exhaust vent flapper won’t open enough which indicates low exhaust velocity.
  • The dryer will get hotter than expected because it will work harder to dry your clothes. It may even set itself on fire if it is not turned off prematurely or is left unattended, because of the lint which will inevitably build up inside it.
  • Unpleasant smell of something burning will appear every time you run a drying cycle.
  • Your laundry room will become more humid than it usually is and mold may start growing on its walls and ceiling.

Get your dryer vents cleaned on a routine basis by booking the services of GCD Restoration at least once a year! We can clean or remove your lint trap filter for a discounted price as long as you book a duct cleaning service with our team, serving San Francisco and Bay Area, at the same day!

Getting the Best Deal

To get the best price for dryer vent cleaning with GCD Restoration, make sure to combine it with another type of service that we specialize in. Otherwise, we have a minimal fee of $99 which we will have to charge you for sending a fully-equipped cleaning technician to your property.

Getting a personalized quote with us is easier than ever! Dial (650) 835 4447 and our service coordinator will answer all of your questions in order to help you book an appointment.

Allow us to clean your dryer vents this year, and you will never want to work with another local cleaning contractor!

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