Freshen Up Your Floors With Reliable San Francisco Carpet Cleaning

Freshen Up Your Floors With Reliable San Francisco Carpet Cleaning

Possibly one of the biggest investments you can make in your home is buying carpets, and the best way to protect this investment is to make use of a San Francisco carpet cleaning service that has a good local reputation. You won't go wrong if you call (650) 835 444 and enlist the help of the team at GCD Restoration, because satisfaction is guaranteed! Constant foot traffic bringing in dust and debris will soon mar the color and freshness of any new carpet, and regular vacuuming isn't enough to keep on top of it. Every now and again your carpet and home will benefit from the services of professional company that has gained an excellent reputation for top notch results and friendly service. Attempting the task on your own will require hours of time and energy, and quite possibly lead to disappointing results.

San Francisco Carpet Cleaners That Use Gentle But Effective Methods

We train our San Francisco carpet cleaners in methods that are gentle on fibres but tough on stains and ground-in dirt. We also equip them with the latest cleaning products and supplies available in the industry because your satisfaction is our number one priority. To restore the definition and colour to your rugs and carpets we can choose one of two methods depending on the material. Hot water extraction is used for hard wearing materials while dry cleaning is used on more delicate fabrics. Each method is equally effective, and won't damage your carpets in any way.

How Our San Francisco Carpet Cleaning Works

Carpet cleaning is one of the most popular services we offer, and that’s given us plenty of opportunity to refine it into a superbly effective and efficient procedure!

When you book us for a carpet clean, we’ll begin by assessing your flooring in order to decide which of our techniques will suit it best. We’ll use either dry or steam cleaning approaches, depending on the weave, the fabric, and the level of staining.

Here’s what you’ll get from each of those services, and how we conduct them:

Carpet Steam Cleaning

When it comes to removing heavy dirt and stains from your carpets, nothing gets the job done quite so effectively as our high power steam cleaning technique. Here’s how it works:

  • Our experienced carpet technicians begin with a thorough assessment of your carpets. We’ll highlight any difficult stains, and these are treated first using our powerful stain-removing shampoos.
  • Next we’ll treat the rest of the carpet, massaging detergents into the fabric to loosen even the deepest locked-in dirt.
  • After the shampoo has done its work, we’ll remove liquids and loosened dirt alike, with our high powered vacuum machines.

Our carpet cleaning service typically removes as much as 95% of moisture from your carpets, as well as blasting through all kinds of stains and soiling. We’d recommend leaving your carpets 3-4 hours, in order to dry out – but in the meantime, you’ll be able to walk over your floors as they dry, using the protective overshoes that we’ll leave behind with you.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

If your home or workplace features older carpets, antique rugs, or anything with a more delicate or organic fabric weave, then our carpet dry cleaning service offers the perfect answer – delivering an effective yet gentle treatment, without resorting to the use of moisture and liquid detergents.

Once the process is complete, we’ll remove all cleaning chips from your carpet using our high-power vacuums. Your carpets will be left clean, dry, and ready for use!

Carpet Protection Treatments

As well as offering a range of different cleaning services, we can also provide you with a protective treatment for your carpets and rugs. Our carpet Scotchgard service will ensure that your floors are defended against future spills and stains – to find out more or to book a carpet protection service, just ask your advisor about it when you call for a quote.

Who Takes Care of Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Every expert on our team is a skilled and experienced professional. We carefully vet and background check everyone we hire, and each specialist has undergone thorough training. Our precision rug cleaning services are also performed using the latest equipment available. You'll always find us using the most advanced technology on the market.

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