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Call us when you need:

  • Certified professionals– meet technicians who’ve undergone a strenuous training regime to make sure they’re help you. We’re dedicated and fully vetted
  • Eco-friendly solutions– you’re hiring a team that cares about the environment. Our powerful detergents are also child and pet friendly
  • Modern machinery– benefit from specialist equipment that enables hot water extraction. All the dirt in your carpet will be removed
  • Total protection– before any work begins protective pads will be placed under your furniture. We’ll always put care for you and your property first
  • Seven day servicing– you can hire us for work on any day of the week. That includes weekends and Bank Holidays!

Our Carpet Cleaning Machines Are Stronger Than Dirt!

Eliminating dust, mold, stubborn food & beverage stains, as well as allergens and contaminants from your carpeted rooms is much easier when you have the support of GCD Restoration 24/7!

Why is professional carpet cleaning necessary when you vacuum your floor on a daily basis?

Seam carpet cleaning services in San Francisco & Bay area | GCD RestorationVacuuming your carpets every day is not enough to perform the necessary sanitary maintenance nor to get rid of all small dirt particles that are soaking up in the fibers of your carpeted floors. Toxins, bacteria, dust, and dirt that are built in can reach up to 8 times the carpets weight if professional cleaning with the help of the powerful dirt extraction method is not performed!

Here are a few examples of the harm which the build-up of dust, dirt, and grime can cause:

  • Poor carpet cleaning habits and unwillingness to book expert steam or dry cleaning services can shorten the life of your carpets and rugs.
  • Because of the accumulated allergens and bacteria in your home or office carpet fibers, health disruptions such as nausea, allergies, runny nose, etc. may appear whenever. Don’t skip booking a professional carpet cleaning service with GCD Restoration, if you want to make sure that your family and work colleagues are in perfect health!
  • Carpets that are not steam or dry cleaned on a regular basis are discolored due to the dirt which has been accumulated in the high-traffic area.

How is carpet cleaning done? Why is is a good health investment?

The carpet cleaning services delivered by the cleaning technicians of GCD Restoration in San Francisco and Bay Area follow this pattern:

  1. We receive your call for a quote request and service detail clarification.
  2. We send a fully-equipped inspector to determine which cleaning methods have to be used to provide you with complete satisfaction.
  3. If you have stubborn stains that need to be scraped off and removed in advance, we will conduct a pre-treatment area carpet cleaning service, addressing only the problematic spots.
  4. For natural fabrics we will use steam cleaning equipment and organic products, and will take advantage of the effective dirt extraction method for which steam is used. For leather or synthetic materials, dry cleaning chemicals will be a better option!
  5. Deodorizing and sanitizing. This is not only a good idea if you have pets and want to remove their odors but also if you are an active smoker and you want to get rid of the stubborn tobacco smell which is stuck in your home.
  6. If steam cleaning is the preferred method do not forget to extract the whole moisture after you are done, leaving the carpets completely dry.
  7. After the cleaning is over, you may request a Scotchgard sealant application service to provide extra protection to your carpets and rugs from future staining.

To give your carpets and rugs the deepest and most thorough non-toxic wash possible, you’d better take advantage of GCD Restoration’s commercial grade, advanced equipment. It helps us leave the carpeted rooms in your home or office visibly cleaner, healthier, and smelling nice!

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