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What is air duct cleaning and when do you need to book one?

Cleaning air ducts is definitely not a priority housework for any home or business owner. air-duct-cleaning-01
Unfortunately, this negligence can result in clogs, poor interior air quality, and contamination. Since indoor air pollution is an issue of growing concern for our team, GCD Restoration has also started offering a quality air duct cleaning service! We not only help property owners and tenants in San Francisco and Bay Area to improve the quality of the air they breathe while working in the office or relaxing at home but also to save some energy! Here’s how:

  • Most air ducts are used in HVAC systems to deliver and remove air. If air supplied through dirty ducts enters the interior of your home or office, bacteria and dust will also enter and contaminate the place. If the quality of the ventilation air in your home or office is poor, your family or employees will be much more likely to feel uncomfortable or even get sick.
  • Removing all potentially dangerous particles in your ducts by hiring our cleaning team is the key to having a properly functioning HVAC system. Such duct maintenance services are needed at least once per year in order to set your property free from trapped germs, allergens, and dust, preferably right before the winter season begins. This will help you avoid getting sick due to indoor air contamination. Besides the vents you can also get the following cleaned: fan motors, heat exchangers heating and cooling coils, grilles and diffusers, etc.
  • After getting ducts professionally cleaned, your heating and cooling system will definitely start running more efficiently, which will help you reduce your monthly energy bills. So besides breathing fresh air, you will also save money after getting ducts cleaned by GCD Restoration.

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