Flood Repair San Francisco, CA

Those of you, who have experienced the terrifying situation of flooding their own homes, know that this one of the greatest disasters that can happen to your property. Probably there was a storm, causing leakage from the roof, or there was a broken pipe that flooded your home. No matter what the reason for the flooding was, I am absolutely sure you used professional company flood repair in San Francisco, CA services to cope with the problem!

One of the major goals of flood repair in San Francisco, CA is to prevent the appearance of mold in your property. There are a number of reasons that favor the development of mold in our home. Most commonly mold occurs when there is:

– Flood
– Leakage from the roof
– Leakage from window frames
– Open windows during rain
– Broken pipes
– Running sinks
– Poorly ventilated bathrooms and laundry rooms
– Wet dungeons

The reactions of each person to the mold are different. Diseases of the respiratory system, redness of the eyes, chronic cough, headaches, fatigue, sinus problems, nasal congestion and frequent sneezing may occur.

 Do you know that mold appears in the first 24-48 hours after your home has been flooded? For that reason, you should waste no more time, hesitating what to do. Immediately contact a professional company for flood repair in San Francisco, CA.

 GCD Restoration is one of the most popular companies in San Francisco and the Bay Area, offering exceptional flood repair service at very reasonable price. GCD Restoration is engaged in the professional and complex flood repair of: administrative buildings, offices, homes, etc. The company operates on the territory of San Francisco, CA and the Bay Area. It has a mobile group of hard-working experienced specialists. Moreover, GCD Restoration uses innovative bio preparations and professional cleaning equipment.

If you need one of those services, described below, contact GCD Restoration!

  • Professional flood repair in San Francisco Bay Area after flooding, clogged canal, water supply change
  • Cleaning with professional disinfectants
  • Pumping flooded rooms with professional equipment
  • Unloading channels
  • Speed in leaks and floods

What you have to do in the first 24 hours after your property has been flooded?

No matter what the reason for the flooding was – ground water, falling water, or home water system malfunction, there are some useful ideas you should follow within the first 24 hours after the flooding to ensure the protection of your property and your love ones.

If staying at home is no longer an option for you, regarding your safety, do what you can do to avoid additional risks. You have to check for any visible structural damage before entering the home and contact a flood repair company if you suspect damage to water, gas, electric, and sewer lines.

Before leaving your home, turn off all water and electric sources. Turn off the main and the additional fuse connections. Then immediately contact a company, offering flood repair in San Francisco Bay Area.

 Although water in your home is probably clear, you’d better put on waterproof boots. Also, put on protective gloves and remove the more valuable items to a dry place. Get rid of all the food that may have been in contact with flood waters.

Contact the insurance company as soon as possible after the flooding. Keep its phone number in your always ready emergency bag. There you should store all the important documents, as well. Once the insurer has informed you it is ok to remove the water from the flood, contact us. GCD Restoration’s phone number (650) 835 4447 should also be stored in the emergency bag.


What flood repair in San Francisco Bay Area includes?

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